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Steamed Clams al Fresco

Steamed ClamsMmmm, a Friday evening with a bit of time on my own.  Open some white wine for the clams and the cook … about half cup in a pan, some diced garlic, a taste of diced sun dried tomato, add the clams, cover and warm over medium heat until those little beauties open.  Toss with a bit of flat leaf parsley.  And finally, for the first time this year, relax dining al fresco.  Perfect.


Good Morning

Fog on the LakeWinter on the lake … full of beautiful scenes as I stay cozy inside by the fire.

Good morning.

Good Morning

December sunrise in Discovery BayThe trees are beautifully trimmed with sparkling ornaments and family memories, the house is seeping with Winter cheer, gifts have been shared, delectable foods have been enjoyed with family and friends … and now the quiet.  You will need to simply conjure up the sounds of geese in the distance and terns fishing (with great success!) just to the left of this photo.

Enjoy both the zest and quiet of the season.  Blessings to you and your family.


Happy Halloween! On this day, I honor a frightening inhabitant of our lake, the goose. Or, to be more correct, geese, and these guys are not on the loner circuit. Its been said that these birds poop between 1/3 to 1 full pound of poop each day. Yucko!!! Along with that, they looooooove to feed on perfectly manicured lawns. Lovely, I know.

Our neighbors get the fun of cleaning lots of goose poop off their docks, but not us. Why? Dogs! But, I know what you’re thinking, dogs poop, too. But, we have a solution for that too …. teens who like to earn money! I figure we’ve got a good 3 to 4 years free from both goose poop and dog poop duties. How sweet is that?!

I’ve got a funny “Stupid Goose” story for you. When we put in new grass in the back yard, and when we just had one dog who didn’t take his goose – chasing duties very seriously, those geese had a field day on our new sod.  Our solution tested the persistence and cleverness of the geese, and they failed both big time.  We just pounded some little stakes on each end of the yard and stretched two fishing lines between them, about 3 and 4 inches off the ground.  The geese would run into the fishing line and couldn’t figure how to get over or past it and leave for friendlier territory at a different house.  What a relief!

And there you have it … frightening tales of geese and poop to add to your Halloween experience.

Lake Acne

This photo may look nice, relaxing, and even take you to some calm space within yourself. Don’t be fooled for a moment! This is the absolute bane of lake and delta life. Tules. UGH! When we notice a house with tules, either quietly moving in or already totally invaded, we all feel so badly for that family. Tules don’t play nice at all. They creep into your water space, multiply, and refuse to leave. It is like developing a bad case of acne. Everyone sees what is happening and feels really badly for you … they understand. And what is creeping into our back yard right now? You guessed it.


If you have a pair of gloves and a little time, you’re most welcome to join the fun in pulling tules. 

Good Morning

Mornings like this are just beyond words …


This morning, a beautiful white heron was perched on our dock, just as the sun finished rising.  I tried to take a picture for you, but these birds are notoriously skittish.  Instead, here’s a photo from a local park.  May you have the luck to eat as fresh and local as this heron today (even if your chosen diet is of a different variety).

Enjoy your day!