Here in California, between the Bay Area and the Central Valley, lies a wondrous area where local outings, fresh food, and subtle seasonal changes mark our relaxed lifestyle. Join in this sharing of the best in food and seasonal topics, from my local homestead to yours.

Welcome to Livin Local, the place where local foods, recipes, and a few other random interests are all shared out for you.

Where is this local place? Discovery Bay, California. Out on the Sacramento River Delta, between cities such as Walnut Creek and Stockton, lays some of the best farming soil in the world. Life being what it is, I live in a recreational area that was created with landfill. Discovery Bay is a recreational community with most houses located on a golf course, the delta, or a man made lake. In many ways, where we live defines us in this town. People are very active, whether it is jogging, playing team sports, waterskiing, golfing, fishing, we’re always on the go.

I see the lake first thing every morning, gaze over it while prepping to cook, swim and boat in it during the summer. Every year we get a water trampoline for the kids to play and hang out on. My 2 teens also boat to their friends’ houses, usually armed with a few super soakers just in case a spontaneous water war breaks out! When the weather gets crazy hot, we get together with friends for cocktail floats… we just get out the “noodles” and some cocktails and float around in the water and mingle and chat. You really must try it sometime! Dining al fresco is the way we live throughout the summer and fall, relaxing with a good meal and gazing over the lake together. It is a charmed life.

Seasons are easily marked by the migratory birds that soar, swoop, and dive through the water. Because only electric motors are allowed on the lake, we don’t get big waves, hence our house is right down at water level. The calm this brings is simply beyond words.

When I first moved to Discovery Bay, there were simply houses, boats, a marina, and a convenience store. To go grocery shopping or even buy a pair of socks we had to travel out of town. Neighbors really did stop by to borrow a cup of sugar or a few eggs. Now we have an actual grocery store, which is nice, but being a small town means that we know most everyone at the store and shopping can take hours with all of the conversations to be had! Cooking is my way of calming down and blowing off steam. Obviously, I quickly found the local farm stands and frequent them regularly. Literally down the street from me grow the prized fruits and veggies made famous at restaurants such as Chez Panisse and at the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer’s Market.  I’m darned fortunate and do my best to take advantage of the riches nearby.

My job has absolutely nothing to do with the food business. In fact, when writing, I go out of my way to separate the two facets of my life. This blog is simply a new hobby started just for the fun of it and to try to keep my writing skills in tact.

Enjoy your visit into my little niche.

– Louise


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  1. I love your blog!!!


  2. Your niche “bon appetite” is most fullfilling-Chris

  3. Love your site here…I’d like to subscribe to your website, Thanks!

  4. Delicious recipes!

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