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Pepperoncini Stuffed with Cajun Crab

Ready to add a delicious appetizer to your repertoire?  Looking for a bite sized tid bit to bring to the New Year’s Party that will stand out and make your friends swoon?  This is exactly what you’re looking for.

The recipe comes from the winners of Food Network’s first Food Network Star competition.  Dan and Steve won as a team and did a great job combining party foods with tips on how to create a fantastic event.  They were the perfect tag team kind of pair, and I loved them. You haven’t noticed them lately?  Ever?  That feeds into my theory that the Food Network competition style moves the best of the middle to the top and then is disappointed when the show doesn’t deliver.  But, that’s a gripe for another day.  Today, give these a try and watch them disappear before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.

Pepperoncini Stuffed with Cajun Crab

from Dan Smith and Steve McDonagh on the Food Network


  • 36 pepperoncini
  • 1 lb cream cheese at room temperature
  • 8 oz crab meat, shredded  (see note below)
  • 1 1/2 TBS Cajun seasoning
  • 1 TBS hot sauce
  • 1 tsp dried thyme leaves
  • finely chopped fresh parsley leaves


  1. Cut the stem end off the pepperoncini and carefully scrape out the seeds.  Set aside on paper towels to drain.
  2. In a mixer, beat the cream cheese until smooth. Add the Cajun seasoning, hot sauce, and thyme and mix until blended.  Gently mix in the crab.
  3. Place the mixture into a zip lock bag, cut off one corner, and pipe into the pepperoncinis. Dip the cream cheese end of the pepperoncini in the chopped parsley and transfer to a serving tray.


  • The combination of peppers and spices give this some pucker power that is balanced by the cream cheese.
  • The picture shows the dish with and extra sprinkling of Cajun spices and not the parsley as in the instructions.  Either is wonderful.
  • The original recipe calls for crab claw meat shredded.  Are you kidding me?  Who would ever shred claw meat?  We’ve made this with both canned shredded and packaged chunk meat with great results.  If you can spring for claws, use them as additional bites on their own.
  • We’ve also served the crab mixture as a dip with pita chips.  Yum!
  • They still have a selection of recipes on the Food Network website and nothing by them has ever been a dud.