The Strawberries are Here!

Chans strawberry flatsThe most beautiful red strawberries are now available!  Chan’s on Walnut Blvd has strawberries at their road side stand, or go right on into their field for a U-Pick hey day.  They also sell some lovely herbs and red onions that they grow at the end of each row of strawberries.Chans red onions

The stand at the corner of Highway 4 and J4 is also open.  Yahoo!  They must have a business name, but in these parts we simple call it “the strawberry stand on the corner.”  Clever, eh?  Last year they added a smallish garden with various veggies and some blackberry vines.  In less than a year, those vines have grown over 6 feet.  Oh, it is bees on berry blossomsgoing to be a berry good season!


4 responses to “The Strawberries are Here!

  1. I know it’s strawberry season!

  2. oh, what i wouldn’t give for some truly fresh california strawberries right now. they’re so luscious, and i’m so jealous. 🙂

  3. Can’t wait to get more strawberries from our local farmers markets. Might have to sneak out early to get some on Mothers Day!

  4. I discovered all these stands the other week, and love them! I picked my own fruit and made a pie that night. I am so thrilled we moved to this area, I love it already!

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