Make Way for Goslings

goslingsThe goslings have arrived!  The past month has been full of odd experiences due to nesting season.  Early morning while walking, a duck seemed to fly out of a pine tree and scared the bejezus out of us.  (Actually, we think a cat walked near a nest and the duck flew off from behind the tree, but still a wacky sight.)  While driving through town, everyone slows down for the ducks and geese who decided to nest in front yards when they cross the street.  It is not unheard of to see someone stopping traffic for a bird crossing.  And everyone smiles.

And now … goslings!  These little guys must be brand new, as they are more duckling in size.  When I tossed them some bread, the dad wanted to come over for a snack, but the mom and little ones just kept on going.  Still, I managed to keep the dogs out of the back yard to snap this picture for you.  Aren’t they just the cutest?!


4 responses to “Make Way for Goslings

  1. aw, such cuteness. i see (and hear) a lot of geese around here, but no babies.

  2. I live on a parkway and I see baby ducks each day…no goslings though..but they are just excelelnt reminders of Spring.

  3. I used to think they were cute… until they took up residence on our dock, lol! They sure do ‘leave their mark’ if you catch my drift 😉

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