Let the 2009 Season Begin!

Open and strawberry signLadies and gentlemen, children of all ages, let it be known that the 2009 farm stand season is officially open! TK’s Best and Arata are both open and serving happy lovers of local food.

But first, story time. There once was a little road, Walnut, connecting many growers of fine foods. It was a small, two lane road, connecting the little town of Brentwood with a little two lane winding road leading to Larger Towns. As Brentwood grew, and the Larger Towns grew, more and more people drove down Walnut Road. These were busy, busy people with busy, busy lives and they all have to get to important places very fast. Over time, the little winding two lane road was widened into a newer, wider winding road so the important people could quickly speed to their important destinations. Little Walnut was overwhelmed and getting tired. The growers of delicious foods still grew those delicious foods and sold them at family farm stands at the side of the road, but it became dangerous for the buyers of those delicious foods to pull over on this busy road to buy them. No one was happy. Over time, some of these important people figured out how to use taxpayer money to build a By Pass so they did not have to drive through any more little two lane roads while going to their important places and doing their important things. Now the very busy important people can go around the little two lane road and the growers of delicious foods and the people who like to buy delicious foods directly from the farmers have Walnut to themselves once again. And everyone was happy.

TKs Best March 2009Saturday, I got the call from C that TK’s Best was open! Naturally, I planned an errand route to include it. At this point, there is obviously a limited selection, and most of the food is brought in from Central Valley farms, but it is a good start to the season. Driving up the remainder of Walnut Avenue, I checked out the other stands … closed, closed, closed. Chan’s strawberries are looking healthy, but they are still finishing up that ripening process.

Arata March 2009Driving back home, down beautiful Walnut Avenue, Arata caught my eye. Were there people there? Really? A quick U-turn and back to their stand made me customer #7 for the season. Oh, lucky me! Nicholas and Michael were both there, again with a few items from their land and more from other farms they support.

The season has officially started!


One response to “Let the 2009 Season Begin!

  1. I’ve only been to the farmers market a few times in the last couple of months. Eggs never seem to go out of season (grin), but I’m looking forward in the next few weeks to again start my weekly forays for fresh fruits and veggies!

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