From Our Delta to Yours

Here on the Sacramento river delta, water is everywhere and we refer to it simply as The Delta. Kids growing up here think this is the only delta in the world. They have no idea that when most people in this county speak of The Delta, they are talking Mississippi. This Delta, our delta, is our lifeline.

Jon and Cam make gumboLast night, a group of friends were fortunate recipients of a gumbo dinner. Oh yum! We had the winning bid at an event auction, and oh boy, did we win big!

Jon, our chef, learned to make gumbo from his grandmother. Mmmmm, authentic. Grandmother instructed him that the proper roux color for a seafood gumbo is just a bit darker than his skin. So, Jon only makes seafood gumbo as he has such a great built in color guide. He was kind enough to take on a sous chef and impart his wisdom throughout the process. That’s Jon for ya!oven roux

One great technique he shared was starting the roux on the stove top, then moving it to the oven. Just stir every 30 minutes and allow the constant heat of the oven to do its magic.

Want the recipe? So sorry. Not even Chef Jon has a written recipe to share. You’ll just have to trust me here that the layers of flavor were simply Delta Divine!Jeanne with gumbo


2 responses to “From Our Delta to Yours

  1. Sounds yummy. We usually are the ones bidding on “meals” at actions too 🙂 And yeah, it will always just be “The Delta” to me…

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