Harvest Time Starts for 2009

Harvest TimeThe sun is shining, the blossoms are starting to appear, and the non-profit Harvest Time is amping up for the 2009 season. Calloo Callay! What a joyous day!

Anyone who has visited the area’s U-Pick orchards or many farm stands has certainly picked up one of Harvest Time’s handy maps at the check out. These free maps show where their members are located, what they grow, and approximate seasons they are open. Nice, very nice.

Naturally, they also boast a very handy website, Harvest4You. There is a handy Find Farms option in case you want to check out a farm that you read about in your paper’s food section or on the menu at a restaurant. But, the real area to see is Pick a Product as it is a gem! Here you’ll find a list of everything from Almonds to Wine; just click on the word at it will take you to a links for their members providing that food or drink. How handy is that?

Our very local paper, the Brentwood Press ran an article about their first meeting of the year. Primarily it was just a bit of blah, blah, blah to me as I just want to know when I can get my asparagus and strawberries to kick off the eating season. I’d never make it as a farmer, but as an eater I excel! Any local person may also note one oddity here: they met at Sweeny’s? Huh? This is a very Brentwood Cafe (note: no website link) crowd with a few power lunch at Caps folk thrown in. Sweeny’s is a fine, long standing, local dining and drinking establishment, don’t get me wrong. But again, I just don’t see the local farmers mixing it up with the young 20 somehthings at the bar and all.

If you’ve already been to the incredible Ferry Building in San Francisco and want to come out and get the authentic experience, check out Harvest4You and make it a total success.


2 responses to “Harvest Time Starts for 2009

  1. I’m actually dreading Spring due to the allergies…sad I know.

  2. I am so waiting for the first asparagus of the season to show up at the market!

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