Gourmet Dinner Club

Chinese dinner tableSo simple in its design, the Gourmet Dinner Club has brought the members hours of gastronomic delights. The general plan was borrowed from my in laws, and is just waiting for you to put into play with your friends. Here’s the low down:

  • Gather 4 times per year to share a meal.
  • One couple brings the appetizer, another soup, another salad, and another dessert.
  • The host couple decides the theme and prepares the main dish.
  • Each couple is responsible for appropriate libations to match their course.
  • Attention is paid to authentic recipes, high quality ingredients, and presentation

Our group has been sharing meals for 4 years at this point, and has been a source of enjoyment on many levels. When starting the group, we selected couples that we knew loved good food and would be willing to jump into new experiences. But that wasn’t all … we also made sure to hook up with friends whose paths we don’t necessarily cross as often as we would like. Perfect!

Once a date has been set, which is generally the most challenging part of the group, the theme is announced. We just keep rotating the courses assigned to each couple, although we don’t follow a strict order, and swaps are certainly ok. (ie, I’ve been wanting to make daal, do you mind if we take the soup course this time?)

Research, practice, and learning new cooking techniques are all a big part of the fun. This is a time to try something new. We’ve had home brew, home made cheese, and even flaming coffee. The Gourmet Dinner Club gives us each the nudge to try something new and unexpected, then share it with appreciative friends.

Our intentions are good, but our follow through has been weak on sharing our recipes with one another. The “bring a copy of your recipes and put it in your folder” quickly petered out. The Gourmet Dinner Club website is our current plan to collect photos and recipes.

If you’re looking for a new adventure, consider starting your own club!


3 responses to “Gourmet Dinner Club

  1. We have done our every other month. It’s always a good time.

  2. I was in a group that got together on a regular basis to make dishes from The Frugal Gourmets Immigrant Ancestors. We actually went alphabetically through the countries until we finished the book (I actually came in at Ethiopia). Such a fun time.

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