What Is Missing Here?

gingerbread pieces

Don’t you just love those little frames in the Sunday comics with the two very similar pictures and the trick is to find at least 6 differences between them? Well, for this little game, you’ll need a bit of imagination to figure out what should be in the pictures, but I’ve got confidence in your architectural knowledge to fill in the gaps here.

A quick bit of back story here … for years and years, we’ve made homemade gingerbread houses at the holidays and set them out for all to enjoy. It was with great joy that my mom gave me a heavy mold to use after my frustration with cutting individual pieces from large sheets of gingerbread. There is a bit of time involved, making and chilling the dough, baking the houses (half at a time), cooling the industrial quality gingerbread, making the frosting, building the houses, and very importantly letting them set for 24 hours before the decorating begins. Naturally, decorating involves the consumption of great amounts of candy! After all was said and done, any family friend could easily figure out which house was created by which child. These creations screamed out with personality. Two years ago, there was some grumbling about having to decorate the houses, so last year …. no houses! No houses lead to further grumbling, so this year the houses returned and all was well in the world again.

Fast forward to this week. The baking was done and the assorted pieces were all set out on plates waiting for the houses to be built. Then, this morning, I found this ….. more gingerbread pieces

After speaking with each of the kids, it turns out that no one has any idea at all what happened to the other pieces. Gasp! They claim that the puppy methodically worked her way through the same building piece from each plate without disturbing the other pieces nor leaving any crumbs. Uh, huh. Righto.

Update: Sick puppy this morning. Very, very sick … Perhaps my teens didn’t chow down on the house pieces after all. 😉


2 responses to “What Is Missing Here?

  1. oH NO! the dog that ate Christmas! Good story.

  2. I’ve always wanted to make gingerbread houses, but have never had the courage to try. Hopefully the puppy is okay.

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