Marvelous Manderins

Wolfe signHave you ever had the experience where you go out looking for one thing and magically find something else? And loved it?

This weekend, a journey up Walnut Avenue looking for nuts (go figure, with a street name like that!), lead to a discovery of a whole new world right in my back yard. There are one or two families with nut businesses in Brentwood, and to the best of my recollection they were off Walnut. Signs abound for this and that fruit and vegetable stands on this street, so there was no need to check the exact address. Sure, some of you would check the address which is easy to find from an ad in a local newspaper, but that’s just not how I fly.bridge to Wolfe farm

Nuts I did not find, but the lure of a sign for Wolfe Mandarins intrigued me. Off the road I went. Signs lead me to the end of that road, and onto a dirt road. Past small homes and a larger historic estate. Round the bend. Across the sweetest little wood bridge. Wolfe tableRight up onto the Wolfe property and to a small overhang with a table holding the most vibrant citrus ever. Wow! Mind you, all of this is just a stone’s throw from various strip malls with all of the usual corporate brands. Simply amazing.

The little sign said that they were out harvesting citrus, but to go

ahead and purchase mandarins if you so choose and leave the money in the till. Yeah, really.

Now I have a lovely bag of Mandarin Oranges to include in a salad for our small Monday Night Football social gathering this evening. Wolfe’s is now on my “best” list. With a short journey to a magical place and time right here in the neighborhood, who could resist?


2 responses to “Marvelous Manderins

  1. I love mandarins and happen to have four in front of me right now!

  2. Mandarins are good. Though if I tried to drive off the beaten path around here, I’d probably just get beaten!

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