Fall Has Arrived – In December

Fall leaves and pumpkins on trailerThe warm days and evenings of November were delightful. Grilling dinner on the back deck, long walks along the levee, knowing that others outside California were not so lucky … ahhhhhh, the good life. Some years, summer does seem to trail off well into October before Fall arrives, but this year was even later. For those foodies who love to live local, there are benefits. Fall Squash in basketAs in, vegetable stands that are still open. Amazing. Enjoy the pics of the onset of Fall in my little neck of the woods. Pimento peppers Oh, and those beautiful peppers? Find a few of them in the Spicy Bean Salad.


2 responses to “Fall Has Arrived – In December

  1. It was so cold here today, I don’t think we even got to 50…brrrrr.

  2. It’s been a bit cold here the past couple of days. At least cold for me. I’m bundled up and my husband is in shorts!
    I’m loving going to the farmers market during these cold months. Not a lot to buy, most of the regulars are gone, but it’s still nice to browse. I’m just waiting for the corn man to come back šŸ™‚

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