A Little Bit of the Herb

bag of herbRecently, my next door neighbor asked for some help setting up a new wireless router.  No problem … to put it bluntly, I’m quite in touch with my inner geek.  But, there were a few awkward moments.  You see, T and I are “outside” friends.  You know, we chat out front, like when he is detailing his truck and I’m driving off in my less than perfect car.  We chat out back, over grilled dinners, obviously, as we are both avid grillers and the folk around the lake all have little three foot fences.  In this neighborhood, we can end up knowing our neighbors more than we ever wanted, but that’s a whole other story and we’re just not going there today.

So, awkward moment number one was just going into his home.  Long story short, after a bit of crawling, replugging, and making the router think it was at the location it should have known it was at to begin with, the wireless problem was resolved.  This leads to awkward moment number two.

We’re exchanging pleasantries at the door, when T remembers that he has something for me.  He walks over to the kitchen counter and picks up a baggie that sure looks to contain some, um, herb.  Speaking of awkward moments!  T is a great guy, straight shooter, and not one I’d imagine to um, partake.  And without going into any other details, lets just say that I am not in a position to be accepting said gift.  But, he was happy to pass this along.  Luckily, as the herb came closer to my possession, I noticed the distinct aroma… Rosemary!!!  Ah, yes, of course!  T is the neighbor with the great supply of rosemary who is always willing to share.

Gotta love a neighbor like that!

And now, I’m so ready to put that rosemary to good use in my next Potato Ho creation!


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