Flying Salsa

salsa and chipsIs your mouth ready for a big ol’ hit of flavor?  Have I got a salsa for you!  The idea for this came from my mother in law, and I’ve been loving it ever since.

Mind you, this is what I call a “Friends and Family” salsa, as in you really need to be with friends and family when you indulge, or carry some really minty breath fresheners in your back pocket.

At this point, you surely have three questions:  what’s with the “flying” part of the salsa, why is this a local recipe, and why do those chips look so darned good?

Flying salsa:  salsa that flies around in the food processor, preferrably while the talented chef samples the beer.  Oh yes, this is THAT kind of salsa.  Here are the proportions and a few gentle reminders, again, hating to call such a simple concoction a recipe …

Flying Salsa


1 white onion, roughly chopped

2 tomatoes, cut into wedges

1 serrano chili, seeded and cut into thirds or so

1 scant handful cilantro, chopped  (this is one of the few times I actually recommend going light on the cilantro, and just because the other ingredients get so tiny that the cilantro is all the wrong size, and oh my … I do think too much about my salsa!)


1.  Put onion in the food processor, pulse so it flies around until pretty tiny.  Scoop into a bowl.

2.  Put tomato in the food processor, pulse so it flies around until pretty tiny.  Scoop into the onion bowl.

3.  Put chili in the food processor, pulse so it flies around until pretty tiny.  Scoop into the tomato and onion bowl.

4.  Add cilantro and stir.


* Chill for at least an hour.  On the first day, it tastes a bit oniony, with the sweetness of the tomato.

*  Day 2 it tastes more like traditional salsa, nicely blended.

*  Day 3 that serrano chili flavor is everywhere, so be ready for an extra kick of heat.


Local angle:  all but the cilantro were purchased from Smith Family Farm. Yes, really.  In November.  To all of my mid-west friends, sorry to have even mentioned it.

The chips were home made … something you’ve just got to do a few times a year to remember how good fresh, hot, greasy, salty corn chips can really be.  Um  hmmm!



corn oil

corn tortillas


1.  Heat corn oil in a cast iron skillet, not until boiling, but until the oil is showing some circular movement.  Test by gently placing in a bit of a corn tortilla and seeing if you can cook it until crisp on the inside and outside without burning it.  Trial and error my friends.

2.  Stack up some corn tortillas, cut into sixths, and fry in small batches, removing to paper towel covered plates.  Be sure to flip each little chip half way through cooking to make them nice and even.  If you are going to go for the salt, apply while they are still hot.  Try not to munch on too many before sharing!


*  If you have a dog that loves to wait at your feet for any small scrap you may spill while cooking, keep that dog out of the kitchen with the hot oil on the stove.  Just in case.


2 responses to “Flying Salsa

  1. I’ve yet to make my own chips which is a travesty. I have to remember to do this next time I need them for a dish.

  2. I love the friends and family aspect, that’s hilarious.

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