Farm Stands in November? You Betcha!

acorn squashSmith Family Farm, I love you! What a thrill it was to learn that my “go to” place is still open in November. Word had it that the end of October would be it for them, but they are still going strong in November (weekends only). And, they even gave me the inside scoop that whenever they do close up the larger farm stand, which will likely coincide with the opening of their Christmas Tree Farm, they will STILL be selling whatever their land keeps producing back by the trees. These folk are serious about keeping our community well fed with their local fare.

I picked up a few tomatoes for some tortilla soup, and while they don’t have that summer kissed sweetness, they still taste of tomato, unlike the grocery store variety.November tomatoes

Butternut squash is everywhere. I guess that either they over planted or everyone just got tired of it collectively. Hmmm..

pomigranitePomegranites are big around here now, but I’ve just never gotten into them. I see them as the sunflower seed of fruits … lots of work for little gain. Yet I know they have a devoted following.

Peppers? Oh yeah! They’ve got peppers galore! Now that is a beautiful sight. Grabbed some of those also for the tortilla soup. Can’t have enough of those. I hadn’t ever given the pimento peppers a second look, immediately linking the name to the green olive stuffing stuff. Oh my, do give these little beauties a try when you have the opportunity. They have the feel and sweetness like a bell pepper with just a little more kick. The possibilities are endless here!pimento pepper

Once again, I realize how spoiled I am to have such fresh, local foods available right in my (almost) back yard!


2 responses to “Farm Stands in November? You Betcha!

  1. Fresh local foods always taste better too! (grin) not to mention support our local communities as well. Nice post!

  2. I’m going to my local farmers market this weekend…something I’ve never done in the month of October. I’m curious as to what they will have. I’ll look for those peppers!

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