Summer in October

Can you believe this?! Our little strawberry stand is open! They did that thing where plastic coats the rows of dirt and strawberry plants are planted.

Of course I stopped by to pick up a few baskets of their sweet strawberries. How could I not? They are also growing what looks like a large backyard garden with some peppers, green onions, and some kind of leafy greens. The owner told me that they will be open Friday to Sundays for about one month here. The good news on their end is that these strawberry plants produce a bit of fruit now, then get the season started again for them in April. Double the pleasure, double the fun!

Now, what to do with strawberries in October? Any ideas?


2 responses to “Summer in October

  1. Oh my goodness, in October…wonderful, how about mini-mini-tarts.

  2. I noticed my local farmers market had a ton of strawberries yesterday. If I wasn’t so busy I’d have bought some. How about a warm strawberry cobbler?

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