Dear John Letter

Dear John Lon,

We both knew it would only be a summer romance, but did you have to end it in such an impersonal way? At first, you were only available a few hours each week. But I was obsessed, passing your farm stand every day, watching for those beautiful doors to open. At first, there were just a few select veggies to talk about, bring home, and cook for my family. But the veggies were grown without pesticides, and with great care. As the summer progressed, you were open longer hours and found a delightful local youth to join you in the work each day. You even brought others into our relationship, corn from Massoni and peaches from Frog Hollow Farm. I knew that you spoiled me, and I came to depend upon that …. even knowing in my heart that this was just a summer romance. Remember the days when you looked forward to the heirloom tomatoes? The days you proudly displayed squash, tomatoes, potatoes, honey, figs, melons, and all the riches of summer? Remember when your mom worked the farm stand and we chatted for awhile while enjoying the last three figs of the season? After all of that, to just put out a sign. Just a sign. Oh, Lon, you broke my heart.


2 responses to “Dear John Letter

  1. Oh that is so wrong isn’t it!

  2. That’s just so wrong. But, you know he’ll come back to you next year!

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