Ramen, Anyone?

I do understand that I live a wonderful life.  Really.  My two wonderful teenagers (yes, the words wonderful and teenagers did both appear in the same sentence!)  both seem to be college bound.  Not only have we socked away a few dollars for their education, but their grandparents have also.  Again, a wonderful, wonderful life.  But … have you seen all of those banks and investment firms in the news lately?  Yeah … college funds … news.  Go ahead and connect the dots.

Anyone up for a blog about Ramen?!


2 responses to “Ramen, Anyone?

  1. Yeah, what retirement fund??? Seriously though, you should try some of the ramen from our local Japanese market. Some really good stuff! We should take a gander to the market next time you come for lunch! (not to mention a good ramen shop in Japantown too).

  2. I’m always up for a blog about ramen! ^_^

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