Smith Family Farms in September

Farm stands can be found seemingly everywhere in mid summer, but by now, most have either closed their doors for the season or have drastically scaled back offerings. All except Smith Family Farms. The bounty of the seasons continues to shine at this stylish, local favorite spot! I’ve done all of my produce shopping there the past few weeks and was impressed to find an amazing array of local foods as well as a full parking lot. It is wonderful when a local business can shine so brightly!

Upon entering the area, you’ll quickly notice a little sense of humor, in that the squash(es) with the funniest shapes are prominently displayed.  Artful displays, such as these tomatoes on the back of an old truck abound.  As I was born totally without the art gene, I sooooooooo appreciate those with such skills!

For most of us, the season for real tomatoes has passed us by and we’re left figuring out if we want to go for those red orbs in the grocery store that look like a tomato but taste  like cardboard.  At Smith Family Farms, they space out plantings for months, then just keep harvesting and selling the real deal tomatoes as long as they can.  Yum!

They just put out a new type of cute little Genovese tomato that may just fulfill my desire to prepare some marinara sauce to freeze for the winter before.  (OK, I have said this for the past 3 years, but maybe, just maybe, this will be the year for me!)  When asking about them, I was told that a few local chefs are having a great time hollowing out these little cuties and filling them with crab salad in their restaurants.  Ooo, that sounds fantastic!

And peppers.  Wherever there are tomatoes, there must be peppers nearby.  How tempting are these?

All in all, its a tough life for a foodie, I know.  But, I’ll gladly take you along for the ride!


2 responses to “Smith Family Farms in September

  1. Those peppers look wonderful! I’ll have to see if my farmers market has some this weekend.

  2. So beautiful, I love the photos.

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