Grilled Pork Chops and Peaches Deconstructed

All set to go with my brined pork chops, it was time to recreate the pork chops and peaches by Food Blogga. In that recipe, everything was cooked in one skillet. Mmmmmm, what a great one “pot” dish this would make, and I’m sure to give it a go eventually. But there were two dilemmas: its still waaaaaaaaaaay too hot here to turn on the stove, and brining and pan juices just do not go together.

If you have never brined any meat, this is your time to give it a go. Really, it is just so incredibly simple and the flavor it brings out in the meat is beyond compare! You do need to plan ahead, but it is easy to fit into your daily routine. Here’s how it goes:

1. Just before pouring your coffee, put your spaghetti pot on the stove filled with water just as if you were going to toss in some pasta. Add 2 cups kosher salt, 6 crushed garlic cloves (don’t bother to chop them, just give them a good ol’ whack with the side of your chef’s knife), about 2 TBS pepper corns that you’ve slightly squished with a mortar and pestle, and a few sprigs of rosemary, or 2 TBS of dried rosemary or oregano or basil.  While that heats until just boiling, grab your coffee, make sure the kids packed their lunches, and read the comics.  Make sure all that salt dissolved into the water, and put it in the fridge for the day to cool.

2. That night, when you’re getting out the ingredients to cook dinner, grab the chicken, turkey or pork for tomorrow’s dinner. Rinse the meat, add it to the brine, cover with the lid and return the pot to the fridge. See you can do this, right?

3. The next night, remove the meat from the brine, pat dry, and grill or roast as you would normally.

Honestly, you will be so impressed with the juicy, flavorful meat! The one draw back is that since the meat does release salty juices during the cooking process, you cannot make any pan sauce or gravy from those juices. But you weren’t really into that tonight anyways, were you?

For my deconstructed dish, I simply:

  • grilled the pork chops as usual on the gas grill
  • cut one peach in half, and grilled each side for about 3 minutes, removed from the grill and sliced
  • arranged on a plate and drizzled with a bit of balsamic vinegar

You can’t go wrong with this simple summer delight!


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