I Am So Spoiled

Yesterday I stopped by Lon’s Organic Farm Stand on the way home from work, and realized how spoiled I am.  I had heirloom tomatoes on my mind, the lo and behold, Lon had a beautiful display of them waiting for me.  Bought a few that called my name, and off I went.

Early in the summer, I remember waiting for these beautiful, tasty treats … and waited …. and waited.  When they first arrived it brought out a new exuberant joy.  Oh, the excitement!  Now I simply expect these beauties to be there for me every day.  Quietly, I do realize this is a worrisome sign.

But for now, I’m glad to be so spoiled!


2 responses to “I Am So Spoiled

  1. I bought one little heirloom tomato the other day and made a small salad of that, an avocado and some fresh mozzarella (just a sprinkle of olive oil and some Maldon salt). Tasty with some broiled lamb chops…so simple, yet so good.

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