Slow Food Questions

This weekend, there is a HUGE Slow Food event going on in San Francisco. Apparently, it is all the rage. I’m sure it is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I’m sure it causes foodies to have visions of sugar plums dance in their heads. There are several offerings at the festival of which I would love to partake. But, I have a few questions:

1. How is food transported into San Francisco from all over the state considered local?

2. Why can I (generally) only purchase food grown from 2 Big Name farms located about 6 miles from my house only at fancy smancy restaurants or the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market 60 miles away?

3. Why do people eat out so much for their basic week day meals when cooking at home is so simple and pleasing?

4. Why do families purposely make their lives too fast by succumbing to the pressure to have your child in organized activity after organized activity buffered only by a drive through meal at Micky D’s in between athletics?

I’ve come to realize that our family consciously decided to live the “Slow” life back when our kids were toddlers. We cook at home, eat together, and won’t let the kids partake in more than one activity at a time. Some weekends we have something planned, but we also purposely plan empty days and weekends so the kids can figure out how to entertain themselves. This has not always been easy in the midst of others who have chosen a different lifestyle, and we sure have questioned ourselves numerous times. But, it felt right. We chose the Slow Food lifestyle long ago, but just never had a festival to commemorate it.


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