Grilled Pizza

Success! With the help from a few friends, I was able to successfully grill a beginner style pizza! For years now, I’ve seen Bobby Flay grill pizza on TV and read articles on grilling pizza. So simple they all say. Unfortunately for me, I have dough – a – phobia in the kitchen. My fears of anything requiring the mixing of dough certainly creates enough bad karma in the house to turn any dough I make into an instant train wreck. My friends D & J whipped up a white pizza on for the grill and pronounced it divine, but they are just successful like that. And, just to be completely up front here, I did make pizza dough from scratch once and toss it on the grill for that elusive rustic pizza. Once. Need I say more?

The help from my friends came from two people I feel that I know well, although we’ve never met. Michael Baur, the SF Chronicle food critic, has been on a bit of a pizza bender lately, blogging about a different restaurant / store front with pizza every Friday for awhile. In a wrap up article in the paper, he quotes Ed Levine, author of Pizza: A Slice of Heaven, “How bad can melted cheese on warm bread be?” Mmmmmmm. melted cheese on warm bread, I can do that!

The other friend I’ve never met is Sandra Lee on the Food Network. While I’ve never actually used one of her recipes, I do enjoy learning from her techniques. So, on one episode she’s doing a BBQ at the beach, I think. Anyways, she shows this nifty perforated disposable cooking sheet. Bingo! This item looks like an aluminum jelly roll pan with circular holes in the bottom. She shows how to lay out the store bought pizza dough onto the pan and how it fits perfectly. Oh, yes … I can do that!

The pizza that I made is inspired by these two ideas: melted cheese on warm bread, and grilling store bought dough on the perforated pan. I will certainly make this again, but will add some garlic for a little extra punch.

Note: my appologies for the lame photos. I know they don’t make your mouth water, but I went with the “lame photos are better than no photos” idea. I’m rethinking that idea. To see a REAL tomato photo, check out MattBites.

Another note: Why are there tomatoes on only half of this pizza? The adults in the family appreciate the high art of heirloom tomato pizza while the clearly stubborn teens do not.


store bought pizza dough (it comes in a can, just like crescent rolls and biscuits)

fontina cheese, grated

thinly sliced tomatoes

basil leaves

olive oil


1. Heat grill to about 400 degrees

2. Coat perforated pan with cooking oil spray.

3. Spread out pizza dough on the pan, put on the cooler side of the grill, cook 2 minutes or until the bottom just starts to get a crust.

4. Remove pizza from grill, flip over dough and return to the pan.

5. Lightly drizzle olive oil on the pizza, coat fairly lightly with fontina cheese, add tomatoes and basil. Use a light hand here, as this is not meant to be one of those hefty Chicago style pizzas.

6. Return to grill for about 5 minutes, or until cheese is nice and melted.

7. Slide pizza onto a cutting board, slice, and enjoy.


3 responses to “Grilled Pizza

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  2. Okay, I’ve looked all over for the pizza dough in a can and have yet to find it! They do have pre-made pizza dough for sale at Trader Joes. I’ve bought it twice. It’s rotted in my fridge twice. I think I need to get better and try making pizza (though I think I may need you to take a photo of this Sandra Lee pan I need to go buy).

  3. There you go … a photo of the pan and pizza dough to help you on your search. Happy grilling!

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