Chan’s Berries

Chan’s farm stand is a small operation with a split personality. Split several ways. On one hand, you can see them tending the strawberry field by the rustic stand early in the Spring, when there is still quite a chill in the air. They carefully lay plastic on the dirt to insulate it from any untimely freezes. Then, we wait, and wait, and wait. Suddenly, their field is packed full of U-Pick families out gathering the lovely strawberries. Its like watching the monarchs return to Pacific Grove … there one week and gone the next.

At Chan’s small stand, they sell strawberries (of course), and often some wild card item. Back before the the fields were open for picking, I drove by, just to check it out. The field was empty. The sign said “Closed.” But … I noticed someone. Flipping back to the roadside stand, I saw someone there. Bingo! Strawberries? No, but she was packing asparagus that had just been harvested from a near by field. YES! A stop by Chan’s at this time of year always means at least one type of strawberries, and at least one other type of random veggie. But, its always fresh at Chan’s!

Just a few days back they still had fresh blackberries, but if you want some, you’d better hurry!


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