Life is Good

I hear people go on and on about the loveliness of living in France where they just pick up a few items from the local farmer and all then enjoy some time relaxing with family, feasting on food that others can only dream of. That is how I feel about my locale.

Today, found a bit of chicken in the fridge and put some rub on it … always a strong start. Ran out to TK’s Best for some corn and tomatoes, and voila … we have dinner! TK’s Best is usually my go to place for eggplant, a variety of peppers, long beans, and other Chinese veggies. They had a rough go of it last year with the widening of the road and having their water cut off for a few weeks during planting season (go figure), so I like to give them a little more business when I can. Today I picked up just corn and tomatoes for tonight and was out of there barely $3 lighter. They also had flats of tomatoes for canning or whatever, which I plan to do annually, but ….

So tonight, while it may not be France, we’ll dine on BBQ chicken, locally grown corn and sliced tomatoes. Oh yeah, the whole plan with tomatoes this real is just to add a bit of kosher salt and pepper and let the tomato shine. And, while preparing our al fresco meal, we’ll chat, play darts, and toss toys for the dogs outside lakeside while watching the catamerans play in the breeze.

Like I said, life is good.


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