Farmer’s Daughter

Having missed the farmers’ market this morning, I popped out to a near by farm stand later in the day. The Farmer’s Daughter is always a strong choice for picking up seasonal fruits and veggies. They have U-Pick peaches along with the traditional “they picked” choices available. From the road, this place looks comparatively huge, with the sign up on a shed / barn. They tend to bring in lots of business because they have a great parking lot, which may sound like a minor point, but once you visit a few of the smaller places you’ll really appreciate it. Walking up, you realize that the shed is actually for storage and farm equipment and that the food is all out front.

The Farmer’s Daughter knows all about presentation! Its like Thanksgiving in summer time with a literal cornocopia of the freshest vegetables spilling out of baskets all along a long table. The corn sells so quickly here that they don’t even try to keep a table stocked. Just ask for it at the check out and the kind checker will hand you a bag of corn from behind the register. Fruit here is beyond beautiful, and whenever melons are in season, they are displayed out front. This is a great place to get the “Classics” such as tomatoes, corn, peppers, squash, cukes, apricots and peaches. Today I went for a bin of beautiful cherries to make into some type of crisp or cobbler.

I understand that this place is really owned and run by a farmer’s daughter. You go girl!


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